Houtwijkerveld 4, 2131ME Hoofddorp, the Netherlands +31 646 656 216


  • “I have worked with Bart intensively at Bioxydyn where he was the CEO. Bart is one of the most energetic leaders i have had the pleasure of working with. With his open mind and positive attitude, he is a great motivator and guide to staff in all levels of the company.”
    Chris Huiskamp – CEO Sourcia
  • “Bart has all the skills you need in a good leader: laser sharp focus on the bottom line, operational discipline, an entrepreneurial spirit and a pleasant easy-going attitude.”
    Jason Wolfson – Vice President McKesson
  • “HIs passion and knowledge about the health tech industry and his drive to push boundaries inspires people around him. He is natural leader that brings energy to every conversation, every discussion making it easy to think in out-of-the-box solutions. Anyone lucky enough to have a chance to work this guy, count your blessings - not many of them walking around.”
    Bianca Knotter - Marketing Manager at LeQuest
  • “Bart is an energetic, highly enthusiastic entrepreneur with excellent interpersonal skills. He gets things done fast and accurately.”
    Prof. MD PhD Tim Leiner – University Medical Centre Utrecht
  • “I worked with Bart directly on very strategic relationships in the EU. Bart has great customer presence and relationships. He understands very well how to manage large strategic accounts. Bart also has a great general management skillset.”
    Susan Wood – CEO VIDA Diagnostics
  • “Bart is exceptionally knowledgeable and very well connected with the people who count and knows what’s going on in the industry. He knows how to open doors into many areas.”
    Nikolas Solomon – CEO HSS UK
  • “Bart came to Ziosoft with an extensive background in our particular market. With less than a month on board I saw a very professional and seasoned individual already making tremendous progress in a market we had yet to approach. I am quite optimistic that he is the only candidate that could have delivered this performance this quickly. On top of that he is a very classy individual and I truly enjoy working with him.”
    Warren Gambella –Ziosoft Inc
  • “Bart proved that even in the hardest market conditions he was on top of his game. With his skills, knowledge and dedication he’s an absolute added value to any organization. Highly recommended”
    Peter Hazebroek – Operations Manager Bayer
  • “Bart is one of those rare executives who also naturally serve as an inspiring mentor for the whole company. He is able to get the job done in the most efficient way possible using his wealth of knowledge in global life science industries. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team, to care about its products and be the key success factor of the companies result.”
    Kevin Stouten – RiverD International
  • “From the first time I was introduced to Bart, I was absolutely certain I was meeting someone who would have a major impact on the success of the company. His ambition and knowledge combined with his incredible way with people makes him an invaluable ingredient in the recipe for victory.”
    Brianna Schmidt – GE Healthcare
More testimonials and recommendations are available on request.